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Code refactoring is the eighth habit of highly effective developers. Believe it or not, you should be refactoring your code on a daily bases or your code is not in good health! Refactoring keeps your code healthy, but what should you refactor and how?

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If your function or method is more than 20-25 lines, it’s more likely that you are including too much logic inside it, and you can probably split it into two or more smaller functions/methods.

If your method/function name is more than 20 characters, you should either rethink the name, or rethink the whole function/method by reviewing the first rule.

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A lot of people don't really understand what coding is. But people who learn how to code are able to apply it beyond their computers. Coding forces you to collaborate with other people and solve problems in an effectively and productively. Basti (U.P) | Phone: 955-451-0307 | Email: [email protected]

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